Can I Have Cheek Implants Without Resorting To Cosmetic Surgery?

Many people find that they are displeased with the way their cheeks look, as they feel that their cheeks are drawn and too tight around their cheekbones. Many people feel like they have sunken eyes with their skin stretched tight over the bones of their cheeks, and they disapprove of what they consider a “skeletal look.” If you are considering altering the structure of your cheek, you may find that cheek implants and cosmetic surgery both have their appeal. It is important to know as much as possible about both forms of cosmetic treatment before deciding on either one find more.

Cosmetic surgery involves cutting into the skin in order to alter the structure of the cheeks, but cheek implants are simply injected into the cheek. Many people wonder if cheek implants can be done without cosmetic surgery, and the answer to that question is yes. Cheek augmentation using implants can be done without the need for surgery, but often times cheek implants are avoided altogether. The reason for this is that cheek implants can be complicated by displacement or extrusion, and there are hundreds of pictures of the terrifying results of cheek implants gone horribly wrong.

This being the case, there are certain fillers that are better to use than the implants, and these fillers can be used without the need for cosmetic surgery. Fillers like Sculptra and Radiesse are often used to fill the cheeks, but the results are only temporary. The fillers are also incredibly costly, and the filling process is also a highly specialized one. All in all, it may be a very costly choice if you choose to use the fillers.

Many doctors and cosmetic surgery experts have been marketing fat transfer as a means of filling the cheeks, using fat from around the body as a means of filling out the cheeks and making them look fuller. However, despite the heavy marketing and hype, the results of using fat as fillers are often unpredictable. The technique certainly sounds great, but it doesn’t always come out as the doctor had hoped.

Using the fat implants will require cosmetic surgery, which is why many people prefer to use the fillers like Sculptra and Radiesse. These fillers are often considered by doctors as being the reasonable choice for cheek augmentation without the need for surgery. The augmentation provided by the fillers is usually smooth, and it is a fairly safe procedure. The filling appears fairly natural, as the fillers are gradually injected into the cheek without the need for cosmetic surgery. The results will usually last for a couple of years at least, though some of the fillers may last longer depending on how fast they are absorbed by the body. While fat injections are a viable option, they usually tend to be a good deal more expensive, are much more complicated, and they carry a number of risks as well.

However, most plastic surgeons will state that cheek implants are a better choice than fillers, and the check implants will require a cosmetic surgery in order to put them in place. It is always best to find a doctor with many years of experience with these cheek implants in order to be certain that the job is done right with no chance of mistakes.